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Canada’s ports: helping keep Canadians safe and trade flowing during COVID-19

Ensuring the health and safety of their employees, mariners and other workers within port communities has always been and remains the top priority for Canada’s Port Authorities.

Adhering to guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Transport Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency, Canada’s ports are following strict protocols to protect the entire marine community during COVID-19 and stringently comply with Transport Canada measures, which include:

  • In addition to mandatory 96-hour pre-arrival screening and reporting for all international ship crews entering Canadian waters, Vessel Masters must notify Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security of any crew members with symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
  • The implementation of stringent hygiene and prevention control measures to ensure safe working conditions at ports, such as:
    • Port workers to board ships for necessary operations only and maintain a mandated “social distancing” space from crew; and
    • High-touch surface areas cleaned and disinfected on a high-frequency basis.

Ship masters/captains are likewise implementing similarly strict protocols on board their vessels to ensure the health and safety of both on-water and landside workers and crews.

During these challenging times, Canada’s Port Authorities are open for business. Working with shippers, ship’s crews, stevedores, and all members of the supply chain, these combined measures are making port operations safe and ports continue to work diligently to ensure goods keep moving, and trade flowing.

For an overview of what the marine community is doing to keep you safe during COVID-19, while moving goods efficiently through our ports, please consult this:

Transport Canada infographic.


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