Economic Impact Study – Port of Nanaimo

The Port of Nanaimo contributes directly to employment and the economy in the region through its operations and activities. The economic contribution of the port to the community is termed the economic impact of the Port of Nanaimo. This study examines the current economic impacts of the port on the provincial economy.

The economic impact is a measure of the spending and employment associated with a sector of the economy, a specific project, or a change in government policy or regulation. The three major components of economic impact are classified as direct, indirect, and induced impacts. These classifications are used as a basis for the estimation of the total economic impact of Port of Nanaimo.

The port was first created in 1961 as the Nanaimo Harbour Commission. In 1999, under the Canada Marine Act, the Nanaimo Harbour Commission continued as the Nanaimo Port Authority. NPA is responsible for the management, operation and development of the port.

There are many local benefits for a City and Region due to its designation as a Port – see “Port City – Lucky City”

Download the Economic Impact Study prepared by InterVISTAS Consulting Inc., October 2014