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City and Port Authority work together to enhance waterfront safety

Aug 26, 2016

In 2015, the City of Nanaimo partnered with the Nanaimo Port Authority (NPA) to install a new fire suppression system on board the NPA Osprey Patrol Boat. The new fire suppression system which includes a fire pump and firefighting equipment was unveiled this morning at a demonstration event with Nanaimo Fire Services. Representatives from City Council and Nanaimo Port Authority were in attendance.

The City of Nanaimo provided the fire suppression system and the Port Authority provided the boat. In the event of a fire or other emergency, the NPA Osprey will be staffed by personnel from both organizations in a coordinated response.

Partnering on this project eliminates duplication of services. This is one of many ways the Nanaimo Port Authority and the City of Nanaimo collaborate on effective emergency management and public safety.

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  • This initiative is a joint project between the City of Nanaimo and Nanaimo Port Authority to enhance public safety on the waterfront.
  • In the event of a fire or other emergency, the NPA Osprey will be staffed by personnel from both agencies in a coordinated response.
  • The boat has been in service for some time and training with Nanaimo Port Authority and Nanaimo Fire Rescue staff is complete.


"With Nanaimo's very busy harbour and the number and variety of waterfront properties and facilities, this is exactly the type of partnership required in a port city such as ours. I am pleased the city and the port authority have collaborated on this essential piece of infrastructure."

Bill McKay
City of Nanaimo


"We are very pleased with the innovation made in collaboration with the City of Nanaimo’s Fire Department and the Nanaimo Port Authority’s Patrol Division. The additions of new fire equipment for our Patrol Boat Osprey, combined with the training and expertise from both departments, provides an upgraded layer of safety for all users of the harbour and for properties adjacent to the shoreline."

Bernie Dumas
President & CEO
Nanaimo Port Authority


"The City's collaboration with the Nanaimo Port Authority is a model other communities are looking to for their own waterfront fire fighting services. This has been a beneficial partnership for us and for public safety in Nanaimo's waters."

Craig Richardson
Fire Chief
City of Nanaimo


"With the final testing and training completed on the most recent joint venture between the NPA and the City of Nanaimo's Fire Rescue team our two organizations have established a leading national example of a cross jurisdiction partnership that increases safety and improves our response capability. This ensures that all marine incidents can benefit from a unified Incident Command System and from enhancements that include equipment and personnel capabilities."

Captain Edward Dahlgren
Director of Operations & Harbour Master
Nanaimo Port Authority





Tim Doyle
Assistant Fire Chief
City of Nanaimo

Captain Edward Dahlgren
Director of Operations & Harbour Master
Nanaimo Port Authority
250-753-4146, Ext 239



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