Deep Sea Ship Anchorages

Located within Port Limits in Northumberland Channel and off the east side of Protection and Newcastle Islands, are six deep sea ship anchorages. Designated NA-1 through NA-6 these provide anchorage for ships, six in total, up to 300 metres in length in depths of 40 to 80 metres.


Anchorage- Port of Nanaimo

Harbour Dues are payable by any ship assigned an anchorage, as outlined in the NPA Tariff.

Ships assigned an anchorage within Port Limits shall have on board the largest scale chart available, such as Canadian Chart 3447 which is available through the local Agent or Chart Supplier. An anchored ship shall at all times have its engine(s) on standby, ready for immediate manoeuvring and its second anchor ready to let go should the wind at the ship exceed twenty-five (25) knots.

Pilot transfers to or from ships at anchor can be arranged through the local Agent or by contacting the Harbour Master. Deliveries of stores, crew transportation, etc must be arranged by the local Agent. Launch services are available from the Nanaimo Port Authority Patrol Division.

Anchorage / Launch Request Form 

Ships at anchor should expect representatives from the Nanaimo Port Authority to board the vessel to conduct bilge, sewage and ballast water checks. Ships are prohibited from dumping, releasing or discharging any pollutants over-board and from using on-board incinerators while within Port Limits.

Bunkering available by prior approval from Harbour Master’s office.

Life boat drills can be conducted with prior approval of Harbour Master’s office, under normal circumstances a Nanaimo Port Authority Patrol Division vessel must be in attendance.

PLEASE NOTE ANCHORAGE NA#1 – NA#5 Experience high volume during winter months, anchorages assigned as first come first serve.


Anch Lat (n)/Long (w) Position Depth (m)/Bottom LOA (m)/Radius (c) Shackles
NA-1 49° 08.76’ N
123° 50.88’ W
0.47 nm @ 223 T
Harmac East Dock South
55 / sand 225 / 2.5 6
NA-2 49° 10.44’ N
123° 54.08’ W
0.70 nm @ 250 T
Gallows Point Light
50 / clay / sand 300 / 3 6
NA-3 49° 11.00’ N123° 53.980’ W 0.95 nm @ 214 TGallows Point Light1.24 nm @ 318 T McKay Point 45 / gravel / sand 230 / 2.5 6
NA-4 49° 11.57’ N123° 54.09’ W 1.00 nm @ 290 TMcKay Point 80 / sand 300 / 3 8
NA-5 49° 12.09’ N123° 54.44’ W 0.73 nm @ 255 TMcKay Point 60 / mud / gravel 230 / 2.5 6
NA-6 49° 12.32’ N123° 55.17’ W 1.0 nm @ 278 TJesse Island Light 35 / mud / gravel 200 / 2.5 6

Nanaimo Port Authority - Deep Sea Anchorages

Launch Service Tariff & Charlets

Launch Tariff to Support Anchorage Transfers

The launch tariff is a standardized rate for both the NPA Eagle and NPA Osprey and or any relief/supplemental launches, and applies to all anchorages located within the NPA Harbour limits. The designated pick up/drop off point is on “F” Float at the Commercial Inlet Basin located at 10 Wharf Street, Nanaimo, BC V9R 2X3. Other points by prior arrangement.

Effective July 1, 2022

NPA Launch Service Tariff

$750 for a two hour call (24/7) $230 standby rate for each additional hour there after
Stand down rate of $275 per tasking applies if notice is not provided within four hours of “Tasking Time”, (BCAS is exempt from this provision)
Rates available upon request for locations outside of the NPA’s jurisdiction
Rates for maintenance or support of special projects such as setting and maintaining of exclusion zones, and first responder standby are available upon request

This rate is inclusive of labour, vessel time, and maintenance of all certification to Transport Canada requirements.

Note “Standby” is when a launch is required to standby a vessel to provide emergency transportation of surveyor/inspectors.

Special rates can be developed by request through the Harbour Masters Office. First point of contact for Launch tasking or information requests is as follows:

Rodney Grounds
Manager of Marine Operations / Deputy Harbour Master | Capitaine de port
250-753-4146 – Ext. 244
250-729-1198 Cell
250-753-4899 Fax       [email protected]


Nanaimo Anchorages - Charlet #1 of 6

                                  Nanaimo Anchorages – Charlet #1 of 6



Nanaimo Anchorages - Chartlet #2 to #6

                                   Nanaimo Anchorages – Chartlet #2 to #6
The chartlets are not intended for navigation purposes.
In the event mariners or concerned citizens have concerns or require additional information, please contact the Harbour Master at the coordinates listed below in the signature block.
Harbour Master
Nanaimo Port Authority
100 Port Drive
Nanaimo, BC, Canada V9R 0C7
Office 250-753-4146 Ext. 231
Cell 250-616-1850