Berthing Guidelines

Effective: August 1, 2013


Vessels will be allocated berths on a first come/first serve basis subject to operational factors which may dictate that a vessel load or discharge at a specific berth at the Port’s terminal properties.

The principle first come/first serve may not apply where the agents/principals reach agreement amongst themselves or with the cargo terminal to change the rotation.

Special consideration may be given to vessels restricted to working at a particular berth.

During normal times, the vessel’s working programs, subject to labour and equipment availability, will be at the ship’s discretion. During peak periods of congestion, where there may be a conflict between vessels for berths, those vessels occupying the berths may be required to work to their fullest capabilities at the vessel’s cost in order to clear the berth at the earliest possible opportunity and minimize the delay to the waiting vessel. Failing this, the ship will be required to vacate the berth to permit a waiting vessel willing to work all available shifts the opportunity to commence loading or discharging. The Terminal reserves the right to ensure an equitable treatment for all carriers and the quickest dispatch of vessels to the trade in general.


At all times, berth allocation will be at the discretion of the Nanaimo Port Authority. The Nanaimo Port Authority always reserves the right to vary the berthing rotation or order the removal of any vessel(s) from any berth(s).