Canada Border Services Agency

Canada Border Services Agency ( CBSA – also known as Canada Customs ) has a clearing area in the Nanaimo Boat Basin on E-Float – located on the shore side of the Fuel Barge and on the northside of the dock marked with yellow bull rails.  Procedures should be followed for use of this area – Contact 250-754-7174 for the Canada Border Services Agency.

It is recommended for vessels entering Canada to call CBSA ahead of time  1-888 CAN-PASS (1-888-226-7277)  Boaters can arrive on our dock unannounced although calling ahead saves waiting time at dockside.  The vessel Captain should be aware of all current procedures for entry into Canada and ensure that all crew and passengers adhere to required procedures.

Marina Map

Fuel Barge & Customs Dock Nanaimo

     Customs Dock – Nanaimo Boat Basin – shoreside & northside of Fuel Barge


Petro Can Fuel Barge

   Petro Can Fuel Barge – Customs area on shoreside & northside of Fuel Barge


Customs Dock - Water level View - Nanaimo Boat Basin

       Customs Dock – Water-level View – Nanaimo Boat Basin – northside of E-Float