Nanaimo Port Authority Removes Sunken Vessel

Nanaimo Port Authority Removes Sunken Vessel
Aug 08, 2014

The Nanaimo Port Authority is working within an operational window provided by the Department of Fisheries and Ocean to raise and remove a sunken vessel from the Nanaimo Harbour near Protection Island. Bernie Dumas, President & CEO of the Nanaimo Port Authority comments: “This vessel has been a problem for users of the Nanaimo Harbour and, specifically, for Protection Island residents for many months. We made several attempts to work with the owner of the abandoned vessel who is reluctant to return calls and to deal with his vessel, sunken since October 2013 and an environmental hazard.”

Port of Nanaimo staff is preparing the area by relocating an oyster bed in the area surrounding the Valkyian II, which will be returned when the vessel and debris are cleared from the area. A local Marine Contractor, Heavy Metal, will assist with the removal using a spud barge and clamshell bucket to work within a boomed area to remove the vessel. For safety reasons, it is important that the area is avoided while work is in progress, especially during the Saturday mid-morning raising of the vessel.

“We will hold the owner accountable and are prepared to pursue legal action to recover the cost of this expensive clean-up operation,” states Mr. Dumas. “This level of irresponsibility cannot be tolerated and has a negative effect on the community and on visitors who invest in a vacation in our beautiful harbour. While we are spending time and money dealing with this vessel, we are not investing in projects that move our community forward.”

The Nanaimo Port Authority is one of 18 Port Authority’s across Canada, established under the Canada Marine Act, to promote and support the National, Regional and local economy and to ensure a safe and secure harbour for users and for Cargo Operations.

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For more Information contact:
Captain. Edward Dahlgren, Director, Operations & Harbour Master
Nanaimo Port Authority 250-729-1475 www.npa.ca